Able Delilah is a Dallas, Texas-based Soul/Rock/Hip-Hop fusion band consisting of Texas natives, Kane Vinson (vocals/guitar), Samson Robinson (vocals/guitar/keys), Drake Fanning (drums), Zach Defour (saxophone), Adam Albin, (bass guitar), and Kirby Welch (lead guitar). Kane and Samson have been writing music together since 2012 and formed multiple failed projects and bands before establishing Able Delilah in 2017. Fanning joined Able Delilah in late 2017 and has been the group’s drummer ever since. Able Delilah began playing live shows around the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex and released their first EP, “Wasted” in April of 2018. Defour, Albin, and Welch joined Able Delilah in 2019 and brought new energy and fullness to the band’s sound. This new energy is captured best on Able Delilah’s first full-length LP “Oh Okay”, which was released on February 14th, 2020. The band is currently working on their next project, another full-length album, which has yet to be given a release date. In 2023, Able Delilah is setting its sights on expanding its reach and fanbase to a much larger audience.


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