Who the f*#k is Able Delilah?

Able Delilah is a dynamic fusion band from Dallas, Texas, blending soulful melodies, rock riffs, and hip-hop beats into a unique and electrifying sound. The six-piece ensemble features Kane Vinson on vocals and guitar, Samson Robinson on vocals, guitar, and keys, Drake Fanning on drums, Zach Defour on saxophone, Adam Albin on bass guitar, and Kirby Welch on lead guitar.

Kane and Samson have been collaborating since 2012 and worked on several projects before founding Able Delilah in 2017. With Fanning joining the group later that year, Able Delilah began performing live shows around the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex and released their debut EP, “Wasted,” in April 2018.

The band’s sound evolved with the addition of Defour, Albin, and Welch in 2019, adding new dimensions of energy and fullness to their music. Able Delilah’s first full-length album, “Oh Okay,” released in February 2020, showcases the band’s captivating range of sounds and styles.

Currently, Able Delilah is in the studio recording their highly anticipated next album, set to release in 2023. With a growing following and electrifying live performances, Able Delilah is proving to be a band to watch in the ever-evolving Dallas music scene.